Modern Themes For Homes By Julian Brand

We may talk about futuristic, urban, midcentury modern, and on and on… Many of our clients have difficulty describing and defining their own home interior style due to a lack of expertise and language. With so many different design styles to choose from, it might be difficult to figure out which one is right for you. To achieve their perfect look, some people combine aspects of numerous styles.

It’s a good idea to familiarise yourself with the different interior design styles and how they differ.


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By designing a room in which every piece of furniture, shelf, closet, or masterpiece has a specific and required role within the space, minimalism creates a clear living for the resident to enjoy.

Structure is an important aspect of minimalist decor, having origins in modern interior design. Elements are chosen because they interact with each other, the place they are in, and the external they gaze out and into, providing the ideal edit of a relaxing aesthetic.

The color palettes are light and airy, the furniture are basic and sleek, and the furnishings and decorations aren’t overly ornate.The absolute definition of minimalism is a feeling of practicality and super-duperanalyzed outlines.


Julian Brand Actor — Home Design

Thanks to a light-handed, straightforward aesthetic to decorating, contemporary style is traditional yet fully of the moment and ageless, ensuring it will never seem antiquated. Contemporary design is peaceful and tranquil, with a concentration on design details, ornamental details, strong scales, and a limited colour palette to create a pleasant room with an air of effortless elegance. Contemporary interior design is characterised by neat, gentle slopes and an uncomplicated appearance. The modern style is a far cry from our forefathers’ meticulous interiors, but modern design doesn’t have to mean a house you’re frightened to live in.

Julian Brand Actor — Home Design


Julian Brand Actor — Home Design

Industrial interior design is unquestionably one of the most popular trends nowadays. Rustic industrialized décor, in particular, is rising in favour. The juxtaposition of seemingly unpolished elements with highly polished elements is what distinguishes this style. This is a fantastic combination!

The practical stuff that makes up a house is celebrated with industrial material. It’s also fascinating since it may be used with any other style.


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Scandinavian design pays respect to the Nordic nations’ uncomplicated way of life. Even though it is basic and subtle, Scandinavian furniture design frequently seems like a work of art. The furniture has several intriguing lines, most of which have an artistic impact, as well as utility. All-white colour palettes are common, as is the use of natural components such as method wood, vivid acrylics, enameled metal, steel, and broad board carpeting. Artwork, natural fibre blankets or furs, or a particular piece of wood are frequently used to provide splashes of colour.

Spacious rooms with plenty of natural light, less decorations, and practical furnishings


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Traditional interior design is a broad phrase that encompasses a wide range of intricate designs and ages that aren’t tied to a single aesthetic or attitude. Traditional style pays homage to the past’s lengthy and long heritage by combining it with more modern components for a particularly elegant take on elegance, emphasizing 18th and 19th-century European décor. There’s lots of opportunity for improvisation here to help you build a one-of-a-kind, well-balanced classic house.

Because it incorporates the familiar, the design style appeals to people of all ages and personalities.

It’s both elegant and inviting, and because you’re emphasising the greatest in design trends all at once, the appearance won’t get old.


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More is more in these interiors — more items, more motifs, more complexity, more colour, more of everything. However, this does not imply that excellent design must be sacrificed. Maximalist rooms, with their excellent curation and design, will have you reconsidering minimalism and considering this intriguing counter-style.

Maximalism, the polar opposite of minimalism, aims to delight with extravagant comfort and luxury. Maximalism is a joyful, exciting, and extravagant style that has its roots in 1970s visual culture. Exploring the potential of what interior decoration can be by welcoming the unusual, extravagant, and innovative. Maximalism has once again taken centre stage in the world of design.


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Putting down a furry mat, purchasing furniture pieces, and decorating it with a crazy quantity of pillows appears to be all it takes to get this effect. This would be an excellent place to begin. It’s important to realise that eclectic interior design is an untamed style. It is recommended to colour outside the lines. What is odd, colourful, and full of energy is a clear signal that you are well on your way to a boho interior design house, even though there are no hard and fast laws. Even yet, there is an art to blending this style in a systematic fashion. Discovering the origins of the style is an important part of having a boho interior design house. It has rich textures, antique components, and innate finesse.

A basic grasp of design principles and styles may go a long way toward establishing your unique design preferences. The ability to recognise various interior design styles can aid you in conjuring up inspiring ideas of your future house and give a foundation on which to create your unique aesthetic.

Julian Brand is an interior designer from LA (The City of actors) who completed his interior designing course at Florida State University in 2015.