Modern Flooring Trends 2021 by Julian Brand Actor Home Designer

Floors are a vital element of any home, and some men regard them to be the house’s building block. Annually, floor trends evolve, bringing with them new options and styles. Today, in this article, we will unveil all of the Flooring Trends that will be witnessed throughout the year. So, whether you’re planning a home makeover or simply want to refurbish your floors, this flooring guidebook will assist you in getting fashionable and contemporary floors. You should also look after them because they will represent your aesthetic and living to your guests.


Wood flooring will be the initial style. You may already have this flooring in your house or have seen a simple side-by-side arrangement of wooden planks put on a flooring, if you’ve ever seen a checkered wood design? Yes, these impressive appearance floors have designs that completely transform the look of any space. Patterns like Helix and Gingham will be found in homes’ kitchens, baths, and other areas this year. So, we’re confident that patterned flooring have arrived, and you shouldn’t miss out.


Tile flooring is well-known for its timeless appeal, flexibility, and virtually durable construction. Polished tiles is the only surface choice that can be used everywhere — bathrooms, kitchens, mudrooms, you pick it — since it is inherently waterproof. The following are some of the most popular tile flooring trends for 2021: Marble-look tile, Encaustic-look tile,Decorative tile styles, Designer tile shape and DIY-friendly tile, Definitely! Tile is the most resilient, convenient, and versatile flooring choice available. With tile flooring, there’s always something new to discover, so it’ll be around for a long time.


With this black and white floors, you may create a nostalgic ambience and relive the comfort and nostalgia of a bygone era. This year, the traditional black and white tile combination is making a big reappearance. No, we’re not referring about the traditional black-and-white checkerboard tiles found in older homes. This year’s version of the classic combination is bolder, more geometric, and more sumptuous. Believe me when I say that this is one of the latest fads, with more and more homes desiring vintage-style flooring with a distinctive twist. Smaller tiles with stronger graphic patterns, monochromatic flooring, and modern styles with loud images and patterns are among the designs.


Decorative flooring is undergoing a rebirth, with bright colors, vibrant hues, and a plethora of freedom to communicate yourself via your floor, almost as if it were art. Decorative flooring designs will not, nevertheless, fully eclipse natural and real appearances. Few individuals are prepared to utilise their floors as a canvas for their artwork. Graphic tiles, on the other hand, are in full force if you want distinctive and artistic designs on your tiles. Manufacturers can duplicate an infinite number of pictures on tiles using sophisticated technology. You may purchase tiles with recurring patterns or tiles that fit together like a jigsaw puzzle to make a big design on your floor. Graphic tiles are available in monochrome hues, but if you’re feeling really daring, you may choose for ones with vivid colourful patterns and inscriptions.


The marble appearance is both traditional and sophisticated, and it’s a fantastic option to go all out for a modern home. Marble floors or vinyl is for you if you want a flooring that shouts “elevated grandeur” even without market value to suit. Marble aesthetics give a one-of-a-kind appeal and the assurance that no other flooring in the world appears precisely like yours, thanks to its gorgeous swirling patterns. You can anticipate your expenditure to last because the marble appearance is ageless. You may certainly add a current pattern on your flooring to update it a bit, but that may date it in a few decades. No one is happy with conventional techniques in 2021, according to the widespread consensus. Owners choose flooring materials that have been treated in a specific way to make them stand out in terms of appearance and texture. Buyers are searching for fresh and interesting alternatives, whether it’s fumed wood, blanched flooring, textured tile, or wood appearance tiles. 2021, on the other hand, excels in terms of its quality, diversity, design, and so much more. It will not let you down.

Julian Brand is an interior designer from LA (The City of actors) who completed his interior designing course at Florida State University in 2015.